Divorce Mediation

Non-confrontational Style
Contested divorce, custody, alimony, and property division cases are best suited for non-confrontational style mediation, which includes the parties being in separate rooms, and the Mediator shuttling between rooms, negotiating agreements. These issues are too emotional and potentially explosive for face-to-face meetings.

Experienced Mediator
The chances of successful contested divorce mediation are greatly increased when the parties choose a Mediator that not only knows Tennessee divorce law, but also knows how the local Divorce Court Judge will interpret the law.

Of ten, it is helpful for the Mediator, the clients, and their lawyers to discuss how the Divorce Court will decide the issues if the case does not settle and a Court trial is required. The Mediator and the Lawyers will not be able to guarantee how the Judge will decide the issues, however, they will be able to discuss the Judge’s past rulings in similar cases they’ve had with the same Judge. This information helps the clients make informed decisions about whether they want to settle the case at mediation or take it to trial and let the Judge decide everything.

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