New Law for Parents who move more than 50 miles from the other Parent

(Previous distance was 100 miles) Parental relocation with the child(ren) is difficult for everyone involved, and working with an experienced divorce attorney is the best way to get through the process.  The “move-away” law has been changed and now applies to all moves more than 50 miles from the other parent within Tennessee (previous distance was 100 miles), and continues to apply to all moves outside of Tennessee. VII.    NOTICE … [Read more...]

Mediation Required Before Filing a Petition to Litigate, In Tennessee

If the parties do not participate in Mediation prior to filing a post-divorce Petition to Modify a Parenting Plan, then the Petition shall be dismissed. [AMY C. BLACKWELL WISEMAN, v. WILLIAM S. WISEMAN, II. No. M2010-01642-COA-R3-CV.; Court of Appeals of Tennessee, at Nashville.; Assigned on Briefs March 23, 2011; Filed April 28, 2011.] “Amy Blackwell ("Mother") and William Wiseman ("Father") were divorced on March 18, 2009 on the grounds … [Read more...]

Divorce Mediation

Non-confrontational Style Contested divorce, custody, alimony, and property division cases are best suited for non-confrontational style mediation, which includes the parties being in separate rooms, and the Mediator shuttling between rooms, negotiating agreements. These issues are too emotional and potentially explosive for face-to-face meetings. Experienced Mediator The chances of successful contested divorce mediation are greatly … [Read more...]

Contested Custody Divorces

Cases unable to settle by reaching agreements Every Other Weekend vs. Shared Parenting Time, also referred to as, Who gets the kids? Tragically, this competition is played out daily in Courtrooms throughout Tennessee. In contested divorce cases involving children, the primary tragedy is the divorce and imminent breakup of the family unit. After the divorce, there will be two households and no longer will each parent see the children every … [Read more...]

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