Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Step One: Hiring a Lawyer
In choosing a Nashville divorce lawyer to handle your divorce case, a client should look at the lawyer’s experience, hourly rates, and, yes, personality.  A divorce is a journey from married life to single life and is usually a major financial adjustment as well.  If children are involved, it is a change in your role and life as a day-to-day parent. Even in the simplest of cases, this causes a great deal of stress and anxiety.  Clients need a divorce lawyer who gives them experienced advice on what to expect in court, how to negotiate a settlement, and an objective answer to their many questions about what to do and what to avoid.

A Divorce Lawyer that Understands
Divorce proceedings can be exhausting on physical, emotional, and mental levels.  As your lawyer, I will help reduce the negative effects of the divorce process by providing productive, efficient services, and the quality legal representation you deserve.

Yes, there is life after divorce—and choosing the right lawyer is the first step.

For more information on issues involved in a divorce, see:

Divorce makes numerous demands on your emotions and on your property. While these demands are sometimes unavoidable, they can be greatly relieved with the help of an experienced, resourceful and cost-effective divorce lawyer.
Issues that may be involved in a divorce in Tennessee include grounds for divorce, property division, alimony, child custody, and child support.

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