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Wills, Estate Planning and Probate in Nashville, Tennessee

It’s no fun to contemplate your own death or disability, but the peace of mind provided by estate planning is well worth it. Experienced Probate Attorney Richard Hedgepath offers affordable, personalized plans that protect and prepare your loved ones for the unthinkable.

You do not need to be “rich,” or divorcing, or on the verge of retirement. Everyone should have a basic but thorough estate plan, especially if you have children and property. You are invited to call Probate Attorney Richard Hedgepath at (615) 268-6575 to arrange a free consultation. Mr. Hedgepath counsels individuals and couples in Nashville and surrounding counties of Tennessee.


Estate Planning Essentials

Probate Attorney Richard Hedgepath will sit down with you to explore your needs, starting with the basics:

  • A simple will to declare your heirs and distribution
  • Powers of attorney for your financial and personal affairs
  • Durable power of attorney for health care if you are incapacitated
  • Advance medical directive (living will) for end-of-life care decisions
  • Designation of Guardians and Trustees for your minor children

Tennessee probate is relatively simple from a legal standpoint, but it can be a time-consuming chore or have complicating factors. If you were named the Executor or appointed Personal Representative of a family member’s estate, Probate Attorney Richard Hedgepath can walk you through the process and provide full assistance with the duties. Mr. Hedgepath commonly helps out-of-state clients called upon to settle an estate in Tennessee.

What is a Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is created by a Court order that appoints and authorizes one person to have authority and control of another person’s financial and medical affairs when the person is unable to care for themselves.  This can often be beneficial to assist many individuals, such as:

  • A developmentally disabled adult
  • An individual with a physical or mental handicap
  • An individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another illness affecting competency
  • An individual with a serious alcohol or drug addiction


Protecting Your Interests and Preparing Your Family

Probate Attorney Richard Hedgepath will work with you to develop a custom tailored estate plan that protects, preserves, and passes on all that you have worked so hard to acquire, or guide you through probate proceedings.

Mr. Hedgepath also handles probate litigation, representing beneficiaries, excluded heirs, Executors or the Estate:

  • Will contests alleging undue influence over the most recent will
  • Allegations of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Contested and uncontested Conservatorships
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