Divorce Mediation

Top 10 Reasons To Schedule a Mediation vs. Traditional Divorce

1. It Costs Less

When both spouses meet for a Divorce Mediation with Mediator Richard Hedgepath they both share the cost, which is $100 per hour for each spouse and may be between 3 – 5 hours. If the spouses were to retain separate attorneys to represent them in the divorce, each would be paying a retainer of approximately $1,500 to $5,000 just to get started. Then each consultation, Court appearance, and often each phone call can have additional cost which in an adversarial divorce can easily add up to over $10,000 for each person involved.


2. You have Control

In Divorce Mediation with an experienced mediator, such as Richard Hedgepath, the couple controls how quickly or slowly decisions are made and what the terms of the divorce will be. Each step is by agreement, in contrast to the adversarial process in which attorneys set Court dates and judges make decisions with very limited time and information.


3. Written Settlement Terms

Many people try to do their own divorces these days, but run into difficulty trying to understand the laws and the complex paperwork involved. As an experienced Divorce Mediator, Richard Hedgepath will help you reach agreements on the terms of your divorce, and reduce those agreements to writing in the form of a Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA), which divides the parties’ assets and debts, and a Parenting Plan, which provides for the parties’ minor children.  The MDA and Parenting Plan will be submitted for Court approval, and the experience of Richard Hedgepath as a Divorce Mediator will ensure that your agreements are in compliance with the law and Court rules.


4. Easier on the Children

When the parties have children, many times, the worst aspect of a divorce for the children is the conflict between the parents. Mediation reduces the level of conflict and stress between the parents, and improves the children’s quality of life.


5. Easier on You

When you use an experienced Divorce Mediator, such as Richard Hedgepath, to help you and your Spouse communicate and make important decisions, it can be easier to move forward and accept the past, rather than turning hurt and anger into an expensive Court battle.


6. You can still go to Court

When people use Divorce Mediators they do not give up their right to go to Court. If you are not satisfied in mediation, you can stop at any time, retain a separate attorney and have the Judge decide the issues.


7. You receive Legal Information

In Divorce Mediation you will be provided with enough legal information to make your own informed decisions about what is fair. Richard Hedgepath, as an experienced Divorce Mediator, will use his knowledge and experience to notify each of you of how the Court has addressed similar issues in past cases and how the Court is likely to decide the issues in your case.


8. Emotions may be managed

Many people simply want to be heard and understood in the divorce process. However, on their own this can get out of control, as each person triggers anger and resentment in the other — often unintentionally. As an experienced Divorce Mediator, Richard Hedgepath has the ability to assist the parties in acknowledging feelings but not allowing feelings to control the decision-making process.


9. It’s Confidential

In Divorce Mediation, all discussions and tentative agreements are kept confidential from the Judge unless the parties reach full agreements. The parties are free to propose solutions and options for consideration, and if rejected, these are kept confidential from the Court.  This tends to encourage the parties to propose and consider new options.


10. It Builds on the Positive

In Divorce Mediation, both parties are encouraged to recognize the positive in the other person and to find common ground for agreement. However, in Court, each side must emphasize the negative about the other person in order to “win” and the other party loses.

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