Non-Parental Custody

Can non-parents get custody of a child?

In some cases, a relative, grandparent, or even a non-related third party seeks custody of a child in juvenile court if a child is abandoned or neglected and needs a proper guardian.  Consultation with an experienced child custody lawyer before filing a petition and going to court is important as there are certain rights parents have superior to non-parents.

Grandparent rights

Grandparents who have had a relationship with their grandchildren have certain rights and may seek to have a court set grandparent visitation.  This is an area of the law which changes from time to time.  Each case must be examined factually to see if the particular circumstances bring the case within the bounds of the Tennessee law allowing grandparents specific visitation rights.  Consulting an attorney is important before you spend money filing a petition.  It is always a risk for a litigant to represent him or herself without competent legal representation as certain proof is required and must be included when filing a petition for visitation rights.

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